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Posted on: March 31, 2022

Beware Of Spoofed Phone Calls & Texts

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The Lakeway Police Department and City of Lakeway were recently made aware of two spoofing incidents. One involved a suspect who managed to spoof one of the Lakeway Police Department's phone numbers through caller ID. The suspect reached out to a resident using the spoofed number telling the individual they were with the Lakeway Police Department, and attempting to collect money on behalf of Amazon. No one with the Lakeway Police Department would reach out to collect money on behalf of another company. Caller IDs can easily be spoofed to show other phone numbers, so please be cautious of callers reaching out asking for payment of any kind. Also, beware of giving out any personal information to callers without verifying who they are first. If you get a suspicious call, hang up and call the 'organization' back directly using verified contact sources (like a directory or utility bill). 

In another case, a Lakeway residents received a text from what appeared to come from Mayor Tom Kilgore. The phone number did not match the mayor's number. However, the mayor's image and name were used in the text. The message indicated that the individual would receive a gift for paying a March bill if they just click on a link that was attached to the text. Avoid clicking on any suspicious links, as the link could take you to an online location that could potentially download a virus on your device. The City of Lakeway or its elected officials would never reach out in this manner offering to give a gift by clicking a link.

If you receive a suspicious call or text, please report it to the Lakeway Police Department by either calling (512) 261-2800 or filling out this form:

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