Animal Protection


The Animal Protection's division's objective is to protect public health and property, while allowing animal owners the enjoyment of responsible pet ownership. We work diligently toward improving the conditions for animals, primarily in the area of immunization against rabies.

Responsibilities & Services

  • With the capture, receiving, and releasing of domestic and wild animals
  • With attempts to locate owners of impounded domestic animals
  • With providing education on all animals to the public

Animal Protection Team

The agency trained one officer for animal related calls who also specializes in animal cruelty investigations.  This officer, Andrea Greig, responds to a wide variety of animal related calls in the City of Lakeway.  We offer services such as aggressive animal education for pet owners, loose animal capture, and resources for owners on local rescue groups.  As we began to restructure the city ordinance we determined that trapping of wild animals was not an essential function.  Animals will be trapped only if property is damaged or for public safety.  Through partnerships with other local law enforcement agencies we respond to assist them with their animal related calls.  The Animal protection officer's primary goal is to maintain a safe environment where people and animals can coexist.  This is accomplished through the strict adherence of policy, Parks and Wildlife rules, and State Law. 

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