Red Oaks: Most Susceptible

Recognizing Red Oaks

Red oaks can be recognized by the pointed tips on their leaves. The Spanish oak, also called Texas red oak, is a Hill Country native very common in Lakeway. Spanish oaks usually have multiple trunks.

The Shumard oak, an East Texas species often planted here, is almost identical to the Spanish oak but typically has a single straight trunk.

Symptoms in Red Oaks

100% mortality

Tree turns brown very rapidly, usually within 2-6 weeks

Leaves wilt, turn brown from margins inward, may appear dry

Leaves at the tip of the branch may wilt first

Difficult to distinguish from normal leaf drop in autumn

After death of tree, wood may form fungal mats (spore-producing structures) under bark

Note: Red oaks may not be planted in Lakeway. See Lakeway Oak Wilt Ordinances or Section 24.02.402 of the Lakeway Code of Ordinances for more 

Healthy Red Oak leaves, lush green
Red Oak leaves with signs of Oak Wilt. Brown