Downed Tree Limbs

Please know that downed limbs and trees are the responsibility of the property owner. Please also be cautious of moving limbs. Live wires could be a possibility and deadly if you make contact. Only professional crews should go anywhere near a downed power line. Be sure to call your power company if you spot a downed line. Because of the drought, many roots of trees were dried out, so the ice is uprooting some of them. Be CAREFUL if you venture outside. Also, be careful at area parks as there are several broken limbs and limbs still falling due to the ice. Please allow crews over the next few days to assess the situation and fix any possible hazards in the parks.


The Disaster Declaration below allows for cutting of trees for clean-up. Trees that have incurred damage and need some type of mitigation can be trimmed past our oak wilt ordinance date (which started Feb. 1) at the moment. We just ask residents to please trim them as soon as safely possible and spray paint on fresh cuts immediately after trimming (see link below for painting tips). Any breaks that occurred as a result of the ice storm do not need to be sprayed with paint since its ineffective to paint wounds that are a day or so old. We also recommend that if a tree company is trimming multiple oak trees that they sanitize their equipment between trees to help prevent the spread of oak wilt. Here are some helpful links: