Lakeway Wildlife

peacock 7-10-16
Great Blue Heron on LO14
geese family on Yaupon pond
cottontail 7-15
Possum--Tom Connors
Beaver--Tom Connors
Butterfly--Tom Connors
Fox standing in grass
Woodpecker--Tom Connors
Texas red headed centipede

Lakeway has a plethora of local wildlife. Just as they appreciate our deer, most residents enjoy living close to nature. The Hill Country is teeming with animals, and many species live in Lakeway with us. As with our deer, the best strategy is peaceful coexistence with all our wildlife.

City of Lakeway does not remove wildlife from yards or attics. Local rehabbers and rescue groups won’t do this either. Pest control companies may trap animals for you, but most will kill them instead of relocating to a better location. Even if wildlife is relocated, babies are often left behind to die. In the new location, animals are at high risk, since they don’t know where to find food and water, and they must compete with animals already residing in the area.

Glue traps are inhumane. Poisons kill everything in the food chain, including pets. Moth balls are toxic to people and all animals.

Prevent wildlife from setting up residence in your attic by regularly checking for entry points. Plug gaps securely with wire mesh. 

Keep your garage door closed; a habitually open garage door invites in all sorts of creatures. If the rubber gasket along the bottom of the garage door has missing pieces or doesn’t closely hug the driveway when the door is down, have a new gasket installed to help seal out snakes and insects.

Want to encourage unwanted wildlife to move on from your yard? Most critters will be offended by the appearance in their area of used cat litter or rags soaked in vinegar or ammonia. You may be able to shoo away nocturnal animals by playing loud music during the day when they are trying to sleep. Brightly colored rubber snakes may scare off some creatures.

Also, keep all pets inside. Never leave pet food out on your porch or in the backyard. Don’t let birdseed accumulate under feeders, as that is a treat for most wildlife. Be sure your trash cans and compost area cannot be accessed by animals. Clean your grill regularly, as food buildup draws wildlife.  

A handy resource is this laminated pocket guide covering all types of Texas wildlife (mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and fish).  HEB sells it at the check stands, or you can get it from Amazon.  

Texas Wildlife: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Animals

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