HB3693 Compliance Report

The City of Lakeway will comply with the requirements of House Bill 3693 (Government Code §2265.001(b)) by compiling and posting the total metered amount of electricity, water and natural gas used by the city or governmental entity for its services in 2020 and the total amount paid for electricity, water and natural gas in 2020.

Municipal Energy Usage for Calendar Year 2020

The City of Lakeway purchases natural/propane gas from the Webberville Propane. In Calendar year 2020, the City purchased a total of 11,939.00 Gallons) of natural gas/propane gas. The City of Lakeway purchases electricity from PEC & City of Austin. In Calendar year 2020, the City purchased a total of 1,394,700 kilowatt hours. The City of Lakeway purchases water from Lakeway MUD, Travis Co WCID#17, & Hurst Creek MUD. In Calendar year 2020, the City used a total of 16,391,570 gallons of water. The total cost of natural/propane gas, electricity and water purchased by the City in the Calendar year 2020 is $221,506.77