Emergency Management Coordinator

Paul HarveyPaul Harvey has extensive law enforcement experience and is a FEMA certified Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP). He has over twenty-five (25) years combined experience in law enforcement and emergency planning with special emphasis on Emergency Management Programs, Emergency Planning, Law Enforcement, Physical Security, Training/Exercises and a seasoned trainer.

 Mr. Harvey is an experienced Emergency Management Planner in the public and private sectors and is credited with assisting in the development of Emergency Management Program and Standards for the Mass Transit Industry.

 Following 9/11, Mr. Harvey was tasked to develop an Emergency Management/Homeland Security Division for the 7th largest transit agency in the North America Authority. As the Commander of Emergency Preparedness, he was able to build a program that helped lead the agency in the post 9/11 world.  Mr. Harvey also served as the Acting Assistant Chief of Police for Administration, which included the management of the Recruiting, Backgrounds Investigation, Training and Support functions of the MARTA Police Department.

Mr. Harvey served as a TSA Mass Transit Security and Emergency Planning Advisor, and was also consulted on security issues for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.  He also acted as a lead planner and directed law enforcement operations at one of the most critical transportation hubs during the 1996 Olympics.  He was selected as a lead planner for the Atlanta Law Enforcement Regional Continuity of Operations (CONOP) Task Force following the Fulton County Court House shooting incident in Atlanta. 

 Mr. Harvey worked with local, state jurisdictions as the Emergency Management Coordinator for VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio and formulated emergency plans including the agency Emergency Operations Plans (EOP), Standard Operations Procedures (SOP's) and Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP).  Mr. Harvey was responsible for developing training courses and providing homeland security training to both government and private sector employees.