Storm Related Permitting


A little guidance regarding permitting after this unprecedented weather event. The City of Lakeway is here to facilitate the process of getting a permit if one is required. There are times you do not need a permit and there are times you want a permit. Some of the emergency repairs your home will require should be inspected. Those are the times you need and want a permit. The City wants to ensure your repairs are up to code and safe for you and your family. Emergency remediation (pulling out carpet, flooring, drywall, etc.) may proceed prior to receiving a building permit, please submit a building permit as soon as possible by following this link:

As always, if you have additional questions or need special attention please call the Building & Development Services office at 512-314-7540. Staff will be available to answer your calls starting Monday, February 22.

If you have had pipes burst and require a plumbing permit contact your water provider and take out a permit through their offices. The contact information for the MUDs and WCIDs are listed at the bottom of this page.

Items that do NOT require a permit:

  • Aesthetic Changes* – NO, if aesthetic changes only (i.e. painting, flooring, new cabinets/counters)
  • Re-roof *– NO, if like-for-like materials and no structural change
  • Fence* – NO, if a repair or replacement with like-for-like materials/height/location
  • Gutters
  • Painting
  • Carpet/Floor Tile

*see below for times a permit is required

Definitely Needs a Permit:

  • Remodel – YES, if walls/structural changes are taking place, exposing insulation, if you are removing the drywall, you need a permit prior to replacement. An inspector will come out prior to re-drywalling.
  • Re-roof – YES, if it is a different TYPE of roofing material, changing pitch of roof
  • Fence – YES, if the fence is new or differs in height/design/materials/location
  • New Siding or Siding Replacement (this would include brick, stucco and siding)
  • New Construction (addition to your home)
  • Retaining Walls
  • Framing Modifications
  • Structural Change/Foundation Repair
  • HVAC Additions/Mechanical System Alteration
  • Electrical – any replaced outlets, wiring, repairs or alterations

Lakeway MUD

Customer Service: 512-261-6222 x110

After Hours Emergency: 512-261-2800


Customer Service: 512-266-1111

After Hours Emergency: 512-537-8302

Crossroads (Travis County MUDs 11/12/13)

24-Hour Number: 512-246-1400

Hurst Creek MUD

Emergency Service: 512-537-8302