Compass Treasure Hunt

The 2021 Compass Treasure Hunt has come to a close.

Thanks to everyone who participated, you all did an excellent job orienteering with your compasses. We had over FIFTY entries in the prize drawing!

The winners of a family prize pack with a board game and other goodies are:

The Wood Family

Compass Treasure Hunt - Winners - Catie and Morgan - Wood Family

The Poth Family

Compass Treasure Hunt - Winners - Cash and Walker Poth and Axel Bernfeld

The Gonzalez Family

Compass Treasure Hunt - Winners - Gonzalez Family

The Lendecky Family

Compass Treasure Hunt - Winners - Carter and Brooklyn - Lendecky Family

The Tewksbury Family

Compass Treasure Hunt - Winners - Tewksbury Family 2

Compass Treasure Hunt - Winners - Tewksbury Family 1


Lakeway Parks & Recreation Presents

2021 Virtual Compass Treasure Hunt

Learn orienteering skills by using a compass to find your way to the hidden treasure!

When: March 1, 2021 - March 21, 2021

Where: Lakeway City Park - 502 Hurst Creek Road - Lakeway, TX 78734

Supplies: A compass and comfortable walking shoes. 

Lakeway Parks & Recreation will gladly loan out a compass for use during the event. Please contact or call/text 512.534.8537 to schedule a pick up time at Lakeway Activity Center.

Starting Directions:  Use these directions to start your treasure hunt. They will lead you to a location where a hidden cache holds your next clue. Follow the clues to the hidden treasure!

Let's SWING into action with this first clue!

In the lower level of City Park there is a popular place to play. Stand at the blue post that has 2 seats on each side and you have found your starting point.

Set your compass to 120 degrees, put Red Fred in the Shed, and follow your arrow approximately 100 paces.

You have to get to the root of things to find the next clue.

Wondering if you are close? If you spot a strip of red tape nearby, you know you are in the right area. You may have to lift a rock or look in the trees to find your clue, they are hidden well!

Clue boxes and hidden treasure box are intended to stay in their locations. Please do not remove and cover the  items back the way you found them so the next player can enjoy the hunt.

How to Enter: When you find the treasure box, take a single item from inside, it is yours to keep! Photograph yourself with the item. Email the photo to along with the name of each participant. Each name will be added to a drawing and winners will receive a fun prize!

More Information: This event is free and open to everyone. Prizes are held at Lakeway Activity Center and must be redeemed by pick up at this location or arrangements made to deliver within The City of Lakeway. Prize drawing will take place March 22. Winners will be contacted directly.

Never used a compass? No problem! It is easy and fun to learn for all ages! Click HERE for a quick instructional video that will help you get started. Remember - "Put Red Fred in the Shed"!

Need help or a clue is missing? Call or text 512.534.8537 for assistance.