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February 3, 2020: History and Summary of Decisions

The City of Lakeway Transportation Committee was formed in Summer 2019 to help identify mobility projects in the City of Lakeway that could improve safety, level of service, and connectivity. The committee worked with Huitt-Zollars to collect data at key places in the community and to then model (Utilizing the CAMPO 2045 data) the effects of creating new connections, adding lanes, and changing turning movements. The committee identified an evaluation method and created a matrix for each project to rank and rate the effectivity of the proposed improvement. Citizen feedback was solicited through online comments, a transportation Open House held in October and then public participation at 4 City Council meetings. The City Council received the final report and data from the committee in January 2020. Several citizens gave feedback through emails and citizen participation at the council meetings. Three projects received significant opposition from the community: Farris Drive, Clara Van to Clubhouse connection, and Crestview / Rolling Green Drive connection to the Lakeway MUD property.

The City Council reviewed the funding sources for the remaining projects, many are to be built and funded by a Developer or Travis County. The remaining projects under consideration for the potential May 2020 bond were: Additional 2 lanes for Main Street, North to South Shared Use Path, and Sidewalk gaps. At the February 3 City Council meeting, the Council decided unanimously to postpone indefinitely a mobility bond proposition to fund these projects. The main reason cited was that the Council would rather propose one mobility bond that would include the RM 620 Widening project instead of multiple bonds year after year. The projects from this study will be place in the Capital Improvement Plan to identify the phasing and financing of the projects. In the meantime, the City will work with Travis County to prioritize, fund, and schedule road improvement projects in our area. The data from this study will also be utilized to work with CAMPO to address the future RM 620 service issues through our area.

The City Council is appreciative of the efforts from the Transportation Steering Committee for helping identify the projects, solicit feedback from the community, and prioritize the projects. The work accomplished in a short amount of time by this committee will help guide our mobility plans in the future. The data created by this committee is utilized in our soon to be finalized 2020 Comprehensive Plan. After adoption of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, a Thoroughfare Plan will be written.

This project was completed on-time and in budget.

December 2019: Proposed Project Evaluation Matrix from the Transportation Steering Committee:

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Potential improvements discussed at the Transportation Steering Committee Open House in October 2019:

Potential Transportation Project Areas in Lakeway

To submit your comments to the Transportation Steering Committee, you may print this form and send to :

City of Lakeway, Attention: Transportation Steering Committee

1102 Lohmans Crossing Road

Lakeway, TX 78734

You may also submit comments by emailing Please tell us, with as much detail as possible, the traffic problems you experience in Lakeway (other than RR 620) and how you think they can be solved.

Comments must be received on or before Friday, November 8, 2019 to be included in the official open house record.

Your input is appreciated!


The City of Lakeway Transportation Committee was formed to help guide projects outlined in the local transportation study.

Committee Members

  • Judy Donahue, Chair 
  • Justin Crawford
  • Jesse Griffith
  • Christina Humphrey 
  • Hannah Lloyd
  • Robert Schmidt
  • John Caporal

Council Liaison

  • Gretchen Vance

On July 29, 2019, City Council voted unanimously to approve a proposal from Huitt-Zollars to perform a transportation study for the City of Lakeway. This is the first transportation study of its kind for the City. The study will help identify short and long-term multi-modal improvements to Lakeway's transportation infrastructure. This will be a study outside of the project currently in the works with TxDOT related to RM 620 improvements slated to begin in 2022. 

A Transportation Steering Committee, which was approved by City Council in mid-July, will help guide projects outlined in the study, along with input from citizens and City staff. The project will focus on several local roads and pathways, which could lead to relieving congestion and travel time from the main thoroughfares of RM 620 and Highway 71. The proposed project list includes streets throughout Lakeway that currently are not pass-through, like Main Street & Lohmans Spur, along with finding better connectivity solutions and road improvements to the East side of the City. The study will also seek public input by the end of the year before the final report is sent to the City in early 2020. At that point, projects could be attached to a Mobility Bond, which would go before the voters in May. 


Estimated cost for the study is $127,950. It will be billed based on tasks completed. Traffic and turning movement counts will be paid separately on an as needed basis for each corridor, not to exceed $25,000 total. In City Council's vote to approve the study Monday night, Councilmembers agreed to also place a 10% not-to-exceed cap in the overall cost. 

According to the draft version of the proposal, Huitt-Zollars identified the following projects to include in the study:

  • Serene Hills from Flintrock to Lakeway Blvd
  • Flintrock from dead-end to Bee Creek (or extension of Flintrock to Bee Creek Rd.)
  • Main Street between 620 & Lohmans
  • Lohmans Spur from Lohmans to Main Street
  • Medical Drive from Birrell to Lohmans
  • Clubhouse to Clara Van connection
  • Clara Van to Meadowlark connection
  • Farris Drive from Gebron to Meadowlark
  • O-Reilly & Pyramid between the two schools
  • North to South running Shared Use Path
  • Additional sidewalk gaps within the City 

The study will kick off in August 2019. The following are the six tasks outlined in the Huitt-Zollars proposal, including draft timelines for each:

Task 1: Project Identification - Aug. 1, 2019 to Oct. 2, 2019

Task 2: Develop Project Cost Estimates - Sept. 12, 2019 to Nov. 13, 2019

Task 3: Solicit Public Input on Candidate Projects - Sept. 5, 2019 to Nov. 15, 2019

Task 4: Evaluate Candidate Projects - Sept. 5, 2019 to Nov. 15, 2019

Task 5: Master Project Development and Implementation Schedule - Nov. 4, 2019 to Nov. 29, 2019

Task 6: Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program Report - Dec. 16, 2019 to Feb. 3, 2020