Lakeway Swim Center Closing Policy

While the Lakeway Swim Center operates year round, occasionally circumstances arise that require us to close the facility on short notice to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of our patrons.


In the event that thunder is heard or lightning is detected within a *15-mile radius of the facility, the pool(s) will be cleared.  A descending/ascending whistle will sound indicating that all patrons and staff should exit the water and seek shelter immediately.  The pool(s) will remain closed for 30 minutes following each sound of thunder or until lighting is no longer within a *15-mile radius of the facility.

*Lightning radius is determined by Spark on the WeatherBug app.


When rainfall is heavy enough that the bottom of the pool is not clearly visible, the Swim Center will close.  The facility will re-open once the bottom of the pool is visible, and lifeguard staff have returned to the stand.


The pool(s) will close if the actual air temperature or wind chill (“Feels Like” temperature) reaches 32 degrees or below, and that temperature is sustained for 30 minutes.  Should there be mixed precipitation (freezing rain, sleet, snow) or dramatically falling temperatures, the pool(s) will close immediately.

Other Factors  

Despite best planning, training, and preparation, there is always the possibility that an issue may arise (i.e. equipment failure, repairs, etc.).

Water chemistry is tested every two (2) hours the facility is open to ensure proper chlorination.  Should we suspect any issues or immediate change to the water’s chemistry, the pool(s) will immediately close until the necessary actions are taken for the pool to return to a safe swimming environment.

Please visit the Lakeway Swim Center webpage ( for closure notifications or updates.  For questions, please call the facility at (512) 261-3000.

 Patrons are also invited to visit the following websites for weather updates: and

Download a copy of the LakewaySwim Center Closing Policy.