City Maps & GIS


GIS, or geographic information science, is an interdisciplinary field built upon the knowledge of cartography, geography, computer science, and mathematics. GIS technology connects database information to spatial (geographically referenced) data, which then can be used for visualization, analysis, and data management from a variety of sources, including jurisdictional boundaries, zoning, utilities, and streets.

The City of Lakeway does not manage water, electric, or sanitary sewer GIS data. For locating underground utilities, please contact your local provider.

GIS Resources

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You may request custom digital maps free of charge. Depending on the size of the map, you will be emailed your map product or we will provide you a Dropbox link to view and download your map
You may request to purchase full-color printed maps which are available at the Building & Development Services office in the following sizes:
8.5" x 11" ($0)
11" x 17"   ($0)
24" x 36" ($0)
42" x 42" ($0)
24" x 36" ($25)
42" x 42" ($35)