Pet Registration & Licensing


Registering an animal is no longer a requirement in the City of Lakeway. The updated ordinance requires having traceable identification for the animal, which can include microchips, tags and tattoos. Please see this document, pages 30-60, for full details.

Dogs Running At Large

Dogs that are running at large will be caught and placed in the city’s animal protection shelter facility and held for a maximum of three days from the date that the dog was impounded.

Owners claiming dogs from the animal control shelter must pay an impound fee according to the following schedule:
           Incident             Impound Fee            Handling Fee
  • 1st incident                 $20                         $5 per day
  • 2nd incident                $50                         $5 per day
  • 3rd incident                 $75                         $5 per day
For further information please contact our Animal Protection Division at (512) 261-2800.